How to insert image in td html

Posted on 10.06.2018 by Admin
I am sorry but I am not able to do this simple thing. First, is the code for creating an image element. I am not able to add an image in the table cell. Basically, we need to provide the web browser with a value to the source of the image.
Website layout or part of website. Attribute sets the URL of an image. And in the first place, this means inserting a file as a page object. What is better to use - a computer or a server. Jpg and we want to insert it into a webpage. So I want to keep the proportions but wit.
Naturally, the value for the source attribute is funny-dog. The src attribute is used to add the image source. Spice up your websites by adding images to them. Table data td are the data containers of the table. In order to link an image to another document, just use the tag inside tags. For such an addition, img is used.