Why is it harder to stand on one leg with your eyes closed

Posted on 10.06.2018 by Mira
Why do I loose my balance while standing on one leg if I close my eyes. This is why you can keep your balance even with your eyes closed. Closing the eyes, deprives you of one sense that you get of depth.
That means that without your eyes, your brain becomes slightly behind any changes in balance you have with your one standing leg. Can you stand on a leg which got shot. With practice, this can be overcome and you can balance comfortably on one leg with the eyes closed.
The muscle impulses then become a bit out of phase with the shifts in balance. Why is it harder to balance on one foot with your eyes closed than when they are open. If I close my eyes, I begin to sway in a rough circle as my brain tries to get input from my non-functional vestibular system. Why is it so hard to stand up straight. What is the physiology behind one step on ones leg. Am I the only one who can't stand when people cross their legs.