How to backup tables in sql server 2008

Posted on 15.06.2018 by Alfreda
The backup file you download will need to be in. Some time it can be useful to dump all data of a table in the format of SQL insert statement.
The first step is to right click on the database and select the option TaskGenerate Script. For information on SQL Server backup to the Azure Blob storage service, see SQL Server Backup and Restore with Microsoft Azure Blob Storage Service and SQL Server Backup to URL. Select Next past the splash screen and select the database that contains the table you want to back up. Script Data True by ticking this option you will also backup the tables data, which will be inserted in the tables script.

How to Create Database Backup in SQL Server.

I want to take a backup of particular tables available in my database in a. It is always better to backup your database, because you never know if the information is lost or the database goes corrupt. Using the Database Backup Compression feature, a DBA can perform Full, Differential and Transactional log compressed backups.