Install gnome classic no effects

Posted on 04.10.2018 by Admin
It is too redundant to set and choose it in the login every time. I don't need to do any of that.

Here is a screenshot of my gnome flashback desktop.

All these desktop environments are nice and good to have but they are mainly targeted for newer hardwares having lots of RAM, processor power. Can anyone point me in the right direction. This tutorial explains every bit of it. First of all, install classic session with latest Gnome. Gnome classic is a traditional light weight gnome interface.
After installing logout form your session, and relogin. With Gnome Classic there are no scrollbars. This tutorial shows how to install and tweak Gnome Classic without effects session to get a customized Classic Desktop Environment with the newest version of Gnome. The more detailed the better and please try to keep it simple, beginner here. It uses a wallpaper from elementary OS and also Plank dock with no bottom panel.