How to hit your outer bicep

Posted on 20.06.2018 by Nigel
The biceps brachii muscle consists of two heads -- the long head and the short head. How to Get Ripped Triceps Biceps Quickly.
We refer to arms as triceps and biceps but when you break down the anatomy of the arms, there are many different muscles attached. The long head is also referred to as the outer head of the biceps muscle on the outside of your upper arm. This grip placement allows an even emphasis on both the short and long head of the biceps. Standing reverse curls or reverse preacher bench curls will development the outer head of the biceps and the forearms. Raise the bar to your shoulders, and squeeze at the top of the movement before lowering to starting position. The long head is the outer side of your biceps.
Otherwise your arms just look like bits. You need to make sure that youre hitting all areas of your arms which will, in effect, make sure youre hitting the in between part of your arm. Outer Bicep Exercises Build Wider Arms The key to big looking biceps when your not flexing them is bicep width. A narrower than shoulder-width grip on the barbell will place a greater emphasis on the long outer head of the biceps. Close grip will work the inner bicep and wide grip will work the outer bicep. Hit Your Regular Barbell Curls Too. Grip the bar slightly wider than shoulder width with an overhand grip, tucking your elbows at your side and keeping them there throughout the entire movement.