How long can a landlord hold security deposit in colorado

Posted on 22.06.2018 by Petronila
A security deposit, also known as a damage deposit or cleaning deposit, is money you pay to a landlord as part of a lease agreement. How long is a landlord responsible for holding a security deposit.
When Can a Landlord Legally Withhold the Security Deposit. Keep Detailed Notes and Pictures of Propertys Condition and Have The Landlord View and Agree to the Pre-Existing Condition. As with most states the landlord holds a security deposit for as long as the tenant remains lawfully in the unit.
How long can a landlord hold your deposit. My landlord has been waiting longer and longer to deposit my rent check. Once youve compiled your list of defects, go through them with the landlord and have them sign off on all of them. Because of this i incurred a bank fee, which i imagine i won't get back, but I'm really more interested in being sure this doesn't happen again.