Install lubuntu without usb

Posted on 27.06.2018 by Admin
The aim of this guide is to explain in an easy and simple way the needed steps to install Lubuntu on your machine. Exe at his root from which you can setup Ubuntu from within Windows without needing to burn the ISO to a CD or to a USB and boot on it. But your cd drive isnt working. It is pretty convenient as it installs Ubuntu as if it was a normal software so you can uninstall Ubuntu at any time like if it was a regular software.
Ubuntu no longer supports using the Windows installer to install Ubuntu from within Windows, but you can still use it if you prefer. It does so by installing a virtual partition on your Windows partition. What you dont need is a DVD or an USB drive. There is a way, and even if you dont particularly need it, its a great learning experience that could come in handy. It is recommended that you use the USB method above unless absolutely necessary. I've tried Wubi, but that doesn't seem to work since it prompts me to have the CD in the drive, wich I dont have.
Ubuntu Computers CD Drives USB. And you will still be offered to pick which OS you want to boot on on startup. You are not required to have special or advanced skills to install Lubuntu.