How did the caste system impact india

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This system was known as the jajmani system, which survived in India up to the arrival of the British. Gradually the caste system became formalized into four major groups, each with its own rules and regulations and code of conduct. In India, the caste system developed and is prevalent since ancient times and it remains as a great thorn and mystery in the flesh of Mother India. What is the history of the Indian caste system and its impact in Indian society.

The caste system very much impacted the economic structure in the Indian village.

India's complex caste system is among the world's oldest forms of surviving social stratification. The village was essentially a food-providing unit, where each family of the craft or service caste was linked with one or more of the land owning-farmer-caste family. Caste System in Hinduism by Dr. Why does India still have caste-based reservation while the whole world is encouraging talents of all kind.

Image caption India's caste system is among the world's oldest forms of social stratification surviving to this day.

How has caste system affected the Indian people. He also talks about the traditional origins of the caste system. How can we remove the caste system from the mi. How did the caste system begin. For centuries, caste dictated almost every aspect of Hindu religious and social life, with each group occupying a specific place in this complex hierarchy. Do you think the caste-based reservation system in India does more harm to the society than good.