Tinymce not working jquery dialog

Posted on 10.06.2018 by Admin
Net - tinymce and Jquery UI dialog working nicely - Stack Overflow. I'm using jQuery UI for a few custom controls on the page edit screen and I've noticed that the styling of the jQuery UI dialogs are conflicting with the TinyMCE dialog.

Dialog make a call to convert the textareas to tinymce editors in the destroy parameter do the opposite, convert them back to textareas.

Well the only working example I found was this but I couldn't recreate it. Register plugin with a short name tinymce. In that sourcecode I couldn't find anything about where the tinymce-library is imported. And tinyMCE object is instantiated. But The teaxtarea is not format with tinymce. I load an php-file dynamical in my page. ExecCommand'mceFocus', false, 'dialog-modal'.
Now i create an textarea in the php-file Output is html. I'm using the jQueryFileTree plugin I know not UI really which doesn't seem to do anything really fancy - it gets the data but it's never injected into the DOM. It's also complaining about the theme. The code all executes but doesn't really do anything. Specifically the buttons and title area look especially bad.