How to spit shine police boots

Posted on 11.06.2018 by Darby
Knowing how to shine your boots is also quite important. The author is a current recruit training officer and former field training officer for a large agency in California.
Tell you how it looks like you polished your boots with a Hershey bar. I just hate having two half cans of shoe polish. The standards are high in the military for shoes and boots when not in the field. A blog for police academy recruits and future recruits. It shows your dedication, showmanship, and reliability to that military or police corps you are in, or in the cadet program you are involved in. For this reason, all soldiers should know how to spit-shine their military boots.
Apply a medium-thick layer of polish over the boot, applying on the area that is from the sole edges up to the lowest lace strand. There's not too many things more frustrating than spending hours into the night applying coats of polish, only to show up the next morning to have your. Learn to polish your boots in a minute. While it may seem like a simple task to apply shoe polish to your combat boots, there are some simple steps, that if followed, will ensure a spit shine. Needs to come up with an original line. Spit shining boots seems to be one of the biggest points of frustration for a new recruit.