Why is my text wrap not working in indesign

Posted on 13.06.2018 by Brandi
When working with text wraps in Adobe Indesign I have found that there has been one feature that stumped me for a long time. Adobe InDesign's text-handling options simplify complex styling. Text wrap is also referred to as runaround text. When you apply a text wrap to an object, InDesign creates a boundary around the object that repels text.
Wrap text around simple objects. The object that text wraps around is called the wrap object. You can wrap text around any object, including text frames, imported images, and objects you draw in InDesign. Before I found this text wrap feature I was always creating makeshift ways to wrap my text around images and objects, but now this is no longer a problem. Using the Selection tool or Direct Selection tool, select the object you want to wrap text around.
To display the Text Wrap panel, choose Window Text Wrap. When I increase text wrap offset on gray frame, suddenly there appears a gap in right text column, and I don't know why. Some of these highlights represent transient conditions. In some instances, the application applies text highlighting at your request. Wherever they appear, they deserve your attention.