How do i increase my fps in league of legends

Posted on 13.06.2018 by Admin
I know many players right now have FPS problems and maybe my guide will be able to bring a solution. The first effective method to increase the FPS in your League Of Legends game is to install a Custom Sum.

You can also lower the games resolution if youre getting a super low framerate as your systems GPU will have an easier time churning out lower resolution frames.

First up, the easy stuffadjusting your in-game video settings from the graphics menu. Did you know that you are able to install Custom Maps in your League Of Legends game. I spent many hours on this guide of mine so it would be just amazing if you. What are the best ADC guides for League of Legends.
Not only that, but you can also install Custom Champion Skins, Custom Minion Skins and even Custom Monster Skins if you desire. Lowering the resolution that game runs at can also give you a big FPS increase. Although I have had many bad experiences with playing this game, I also have lots of good ones. As a person with a pretty old laptop, I know your pain of playing League Of Legends with low FPS. Also, check this for more great and informative gaming information. When you're finished, check out the boards to join in the latest League of Legends discussions.