How to play sony video 8 tapes

Posted on 14.06.2018 by Sheron
But that was an uphill battle, and yet another foolish example of Sony not playing ball with the rest of the video world. If Import Video opens instead, go to the next step. Check that the owner can confirm it loads tapes and ejects them and.
On the Import Video page, type a name for the new video file in the Name box. Try and get a reasonable second-hand model probably on e-bay, but. If the Autoplay dialog box appears after you turn on the camcorder, select Import video using Windows Live Photo Gallery. Any advice would be most appreciated. If you want to download the video to your computer to burn to DVD, make sure you get one with firewire. I was able to get one two hour tape transferred to a DVD at a reduced size but I can only play it on my computer.
It was a failed format by Sony, in attempts to buck the DV format probably for licensing reasons. A description of what adapters work with what tapes. As I've read in other threads, my old tapes won't play back correctly on my new camera. The other method usually requires a digital video converter, and cabling to. Eight-millimetre video cameras arrived after the era of large, shoulder-mounted VHS video cameras and before the debut of mini-DV cameras.