Plastimo water tank installation instructions

Posted on 14.06.2018 by Jeri
The Plastimo water tanks consist of a welded non-porous tasteless PVC water chamber inner bladder inside a tough nylon envelope, for complete watertightness and resistance to tearing and ab. Correct Method for Sitting an Above Ground Poly Tank. Underground Spherical Water Tank.

Cement stabilize this fill medium.

All holes made for the fittings should be covered with a suitable sealant. Thank You for purchasing this Thermal Expansion Tank. Tankless Installation Operating Instructions. A fresh drinking water, flexible, triangular water tank with a protective outer cover, water inlet and water outlet valves with hosetail connectors for simple installation and corner tie downs.
Safety Instructions Installation Maintenance Warranty. Underground Lattice Tank Installation. Install bulkhead fittings on either side of the manhole or the end rib. After installing the expansion tank and valves it will be necessary to expel all air from the piping. The water supply and power electricity or gas must be shut off during the installation of the valves and expansion tank.