Instant upload settings

Posted on 08.06.2018 by Tegan
Also, you can go to the Settings on your Photo Station as an admin, go to User Accounts and check the instant upload user is enabled. Double click on that user's name and collapse the Photo Album. Learn to setup Windows backup and store the backup files to a Zyxel NAS device.
Or, if you use a third-party publishing platform like WordPress, check for one of the easy-to-use plugins maintained by our partners. Com directly to your media library. To change where Camera Zoom FX saves its photos. Learn how to do the basic initial setup of Zyxel NAS. Select Settings option and move slider from right to left to disable Instant Upload feature.
Make sure you have Upload checked for the folder you want Instant Upload to upload your photos from iOS. You'll end up with the untouched photo as well as the photo with the applied effects in your Instant Upload on Google. Upload your logo and create customized styles to reflect your publications look and feel.