Install shower head diverter

Posted on 12.06.2018 by Barabara
Installing a Waterpik shower head takes only a few minutes. The Dual Bar Shower Head sets postion both shower heads up close to the wall side-by-side. This type of shower diverter valve converts your tub into a shower.
Screw the diverter valve onto your water pipe. It enables you to use the standard overhead shower, as well as a hand-held shower head for soaping and washing different parts of the body. For remodels, we recommend installing an in the wall diverter valve. The second type of shower diverter valve is found near the shower head. You may need a wrench, but it should unscrew fairly easily. This shower head could not be easier to install. Make sure you have a tight fit to avoid drips or loss of water pressure.
Installing a shower diverter valve allows you to switch between a using your shower like a handheld, and having the standard shower head. Place the original shower head on the diverter valve, again making sure you have a snug fit. All of the dual shower head systems attach easily to your existing plumbing without any tools a wrench may be needed to remove your old shower head. Easy to install and amazing features. Screw new shower head onto the shower pipe and attach the hose if its a hand held. I didn't even need plumber's tape and there were no leaks immediately after installation.