How to write vertical text in excel 2010

Posted on 12.06.2018 by Admin
Why would you ask this in the Charting NG. The only variable is when you choose to click the Vertical Text option on the Orientation menu.

You are able to write vertically in Excel, or make text vertical in Excel, if you have a project that requires your text to be displayed in that fashion.

We will discuss the steps required to write vertically in the article below. I want to vertically write 'Christmas Holiday or other wording in some columns. The steps in this article will assume that you have an Excel spreadsheet that contains text which is currently displayed vertically. Our guide will show you how to quickly switch vertically displayed text back to horizontal display. Under Home tab Alignment section, click on the option with letters ab and an arrow. The text rotation tool in Excel is actually more than just a two-option tool.
Open your business spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel. This is how the resulting text will look like. One solution is to use vertical text in the column headers to conserve width. Select the option Vertical Text.