Stephanus numbers how to cite

Posted on 15.06.2018 by Barbie
If you read a text by Plato, you may notice numbers and letters in the margins. System is used in modern scholarship to cite Plato. Since then, the numbering from this edition has become a standard part of published Plato texts.
Quotations are usually given with reference to the start and end point of the quoted section. Use this brief guide to five major styles. Excerpt from a text by Bernard Suzanne. Aristotles works, meanwhile, are cited using Bekker numbers. If youre uncertain whether you need page numbers or not, you can follow a few basic guidelines. Citing Plato with Stephanus Numbers.
We call these Stephanus numbers or Stephanus pagination. Since this edition was historically important, most later versions of Platos writing have included Stephanus numbers in their margins. What Are The Different Types Of Citations. Stephanus numbers named after classical renaissance printer Henri Estienne are a standardized pagination system intended to make it easier to refer to places in Plato's Dialogs. How to use Stephanus numbers when citing Plato's dialogues in a paper.