Java mysql connection refused

Posted on 08.06.2018 by Loreta
I am trying to connect to a mysql database on remote server and whenever I try to run the code it is giving me connection refused exception. Pretty straightforward stuff, here -- I'm just not good enough with mysql to understand what it wants from me. Public interface AccountServer extends Remote String insertDetails.

Anybody knows solution, kindly help me.

But there connection refused error has been occured. I've got a short java test-case that opens a connection on mysql on my dev system but, when I try to put it to my server, it fail. For testing purposes, I wrote a sma. In general, when you are getting java. Public static void mainString args Connection conn null.

I am developing a GWT web app and am trying to connect to a mysql-database from my RemoteServiceServlet implementation for rpc.

What happens when you ping the host or try to access the host from you browser. Muthu Ananth Haiahtum Software muthu. I'm trying to connect to mysql through java. If it is for mysql installed on my laptop, then what if I give my program to my friend to run and if he has a different username password for his mysql.