Scroll button not working on blackberry 9320

Posted on 15.06.2018 by Marilou
Next press twice Menu key and scroll down and enter the Options tab. Reasons of Problems Phone might be water damaged. Also the Xperia new came with glitches like a non functioning video camera etc, lso the touch buttons will make you want to smash the Xperia against a walleventually. The symptoms this solution works for would be when your phone powers on, display works fine, and trackball responds, but button presses don't work.

Yeni cihaz, RIMin populer mobil sosyal ag gucunu an?nda art?ran ozel bir BBM tusunun yan?

Check out how to accomplish hard reset by hardware keys and Blackberry OS settings. s?ra, h?zl? The track ball seem stcuk when trying to roll up. My blackberry curve middle button wont work. Theres no water damage at all, help.

The middle button in the middle of my blackberry stopped working all of a sudden.

Scroll to Wipe and hit enter, the phone will restart with all your data erased. It does not move in either direction but it can click. One of the buttons is permanently pressing, others don't click.