How to use first touch fifa 13

Posted on 08.06.2018 by Elfriede
Navigate to Local files tab and press Browse local files. Dont attempt skill moves with players who cant perform the. Youll now really have to think about the attributes of the player your using and anticipate how good their first touch is going to be. The computer will be right on you so you better have the next pass lined up.

This separation can be used to your advantage.

The video shows the First Touch Controls of the game, one of the major new features in this years installment. Goalkeepers can take a poor touch when under pressure. If you choose the Steam variant, right click the game name and select Properties. Flicking the right can create some space away from the defender. If the defender commits one way, you can get past him by sprinting in the other direction if your timing is right.
Youll have to read the attackers first touch too and try to use any poor touches to your advantage. I was doing good for a while, but recently I seem to have hit a plateau. Let us know what you think in th. The thing is though, I learned how to dribble hard core, and know how to juke online players, but I cant seem to trick the computer. Real world controlling the ball. Now if moving it up quick, just do quick short passes.