How to say good day in spanish

Posted on 09.06.2018 by Tama
Similar to the way we say see you later, alligator, Buenas noches. Literally translated, theyre telling you to not cut yourself in half after wishing them goodnight. The more common one is te quiero, which literally means I want you, but is used in many of the same ways we'd say love in English. Similarly, good evening is buen.

In the afternoon and evenings, other phrases are used.

If youre into Spanish grammar, note that dia is one of the rare Spanish words that ends in an -a' but is masculine, so it's buenos dias, not buenas dias. Make sure you reserve these farewells for close friends and acquaintances. You can add words to address specific people. In Spanish-speaking countries, however, buenos dias is used to mean good morning. What is the correct translation of have a good day to Spanish.
In the list below, youll find very informal ways to say goodbye in Spanish. How to Say I Love You in Spanish. How to say have a good day in Spanish. How do you say Have a good day in Spanish.