Setting cell values in excel vba

Posted on 10.06.2018 by Paulina
The script looks to a text file with the hostnames, and returns the hostname in column A the status of the ping Up or Down in column. To get a cells value in VBA, we need to refer to it with the Range object and then call the.

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Well use the following spreadsheet for our example. The problem is that when using this loop for a big amount of data, it takes way too long to work and, most of the time, it simply crashes Excel. There are several ways you can get and set cell values with VBA and Ill do my best to cover all the necessities, but at the same time keeping it short and to the point. Also, if youre new to Excel Tables, click here to learn more. In terms of pseudocode, Is this as simple as I think it is. Its a simple table with some names in it. This will continue to build up our understanding of the VBA Range object and how to use it.

Finding cells by their text values.

I am writing a script to run ping on machines. I need the column B colors changed to Green if Up, and Red. This VBA Tutorial is accompanied by Excel workbooks containing the macros and data I use in the examples below. Does anyone know a better way of doing this.