How to farm nasus q fast

Posted on 12.06.2018 by Ora
Don't use Q as soon as its off cooldown if you think the siege minion will die before it comes off CD again. Since Q is an autoattack reset, you can AA a minion then immediately Q it, to last-hits minions that aren't low enough for just.

Instead, we want to look at champions that shocker disrupt him.

I found a new bug or better to say a OP Guide to stack Nasus. If he dirty farms behind tower, Nasus loses stacks to having to farm on tower. League of Legends SoloRenektonOnly. Add Reply New Service New Topic New Poll.
Click the Counter Tips button to view more or to submit a tip. If you're solo, Spirit Fire is a great way to farm a lane. His slow and you will kill him pretty easily. Actually at higher ELO, jungle Nasus gets more Q farm than lane nasus because noone is dumb enough to let nasus free farm. You'll get more Q farm on Nasus by being able to soak up more damage and stay in lane longer.