The great gatsby why does klipspringer call

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Klipspringer and Gatsby's other. As soon as Gatsby dies, Klipspringer disappears-he does not attend the funeral, but he does call Nick about a pair of tennis shoes that he left at Gatsby's mansion.

Unlike the rest of the fair-weather friends, Owl Eyes has some real sympathy towards him.

In The Great Gatsby why did Wilson murder Gatsby. Nick starts the conversation because Gatsby looks familiar to him because they both served in the same division during the war. He is the one who plays the song that brings memories back for Daisy and Gatsby. Ewing Klipspringer is a shallow freeloader who seems almost to live at Gatsbys mansion, noted by Gatsby to be a phonic genius capable of playing any song on Jay's custom-made Wurlitzer. In the beginning of the story, Nick seems to portray Gatsby as avery charismatic person. How does Nick describe Gatsby in The Great Gatsby.
Who is Klipspringer in The Great Gatsby. Klipspringer, on the other hand, lives at Gatsby's house and takes advantage of his generosity without having any real feelings for him. How is Gatsby the protagonist in The Great Gatsby. Why does Nick start talking to the unknown Gatsby in the first place. To see if the butler could send him his tennis shoes.