How to create custom list in c#

Posted on 12.06.2018 by Admin
I am new to Blend and WPF and I'd like to have a control that has ListBox sort of properties but with my own custom items. It generally returns an object that implements the ICustomFormatter interface.

And a wrapper class to create the Levels List.

I am trying to create a custom list that will hold two values. Serializable public class WrapperClass. The List class constructor takes a key data type. Inside the for loop because it cannot apply indexing to a serializedProperty of course, so how do I procced.
I serialized both and they show ok in standard Inspector draw in Unity, but I need to customize the Inspector showing this list, so I made a InspectorCustomizer. Here we see how to create a list in. Is there a way to create a custom panel component with all of these items inside it and then interact with.