Saints row 2 how to get infinite respect

Posted on 07.06.2018 by Admin
To get infinite ammunition, pick up, unlock, or buy a weapon once. Toggle to it when entering the cache. Infinite respect cheat for saints row.

If you bust through the main story missions and only do enough side-missions to get enough karma to play the next story, then you will be rewarded with Infinite Respect a lot sooner.

To unlock the infinite ammo cheats listed below, fulfill the corresponding requirement listed. Since there is no Respect cheat. What are the codes for character che. Successfully complete Ultor Family Fun Day to get unlimited rockets. It just depends on how you play the game. I didn't play any of the story except the first mission where you get gat.

Hope this helps make your game funner.

How do you customize the saints hide. How to access the chat box in saints. To the guy above me, if you buy clothes and upgrade your cars, you do get.