How to check junk mail folder

Posted on 12.06.2018 by Admin
These can include the time when the message was sent and the content of the message. Adding a Sender to the Safe Sender List.

Scroll to and click on Mark as Not Junk.

It is a good idea to review the messages in the Junk E-mail folder periodically to make sure that they are not legitimate messages that you want to see. How the Junk E-mail Filter works. Checking your Hotmail junk mail folder is simple. Right click on each mail item that is not considered junk. All mail from that sender will now be directed to the inbox instead of Junk e-mail folder. If they are legitimate, you can move them back to the Inbox by marking them as not junk.
How to check your Hotmail junk mail folder. To release an email that is in the Junk Email that you want to see in your Inbox, again, right click on the email and. Any message that is caught by the Junk E-mail Filter is moved to a special Junk E-mail folder. Customer Service Software by HelpSpot. First, login to your Hotmail account. How to release emails from the Junk Mail Folder. You can also drag them to any folder.