How to get perfect cat eyes

Posted on 08.06.2018 by Shanika
A liquid or gel liner has more pigment, and will stay on all day. Ever wondered how to perfect the cat eye flick.

Your cat eye should be the shape of a thin scalene triangle, with the longest side pointing out towards the outer corners of the eye, ending only a few millimeters past the edge.

Today, we are showing you how to get a sexy, sultry cat eye. Now wait for the liner to dry, add a swipe of mascara, and youve got yourself the seasons freshest look for your eyes. There are a lot of quick tutorials on Instagram. Make the line longer and at a more honed edge than youd suspectthis is on the grounds that the line dependably looks littler once you open your eye.

If applying makeup was an Olympic sport, then nailing the perfect cat eye would be the equivalent of getting a gold medal.

At that point draw a line from the external corner of your eye up at an edge. From just doing brows, eyes, to doing the whole face, a lot of it are Kylie Jenner pegs. Follow the natural shape of your eyes to guide you as to where your flick would go. To start with, bring down your eyelid so you have a smooth administration to draw on. Also, try to stay away from eye pencils they tend to smudge too easily right after application.