Geico mechanical breakdown insurance what is covered

Posted on 09.06.2018 by Denisse
Is Mechanical Breakdown worth its value. It is more affordable and offers more protection than the Extended Warranty offered by your car dealership. Your new car is your baby, so it deserves a little extra protection. And breakdown insurance is no substitute for good car care.
Mechanical Breakdown Insurance covers many mechanical repairs to your car, protecting you from expensive repair bills. Below is the details from Geico website. MBI coverage protects you from expensive auto repair bills when your car experiences a mechanical failure. As the name implies, this is an additional option on your Geico car insurance policy that will paywait for itfor your cars mechanical breakdowns.
But what do you do about those mechanical problems that always seem to pop up right after your new car warranty runs out. Now you're covered for accidents, theft, fire, and other mishaps. You might think twice about buying a dealer's new car extended warranty. Mechanical breakdown insurance protects vehicle owners against large repair bills by covering certain mechanical problems.