Dowsing mchn how to use black

Posted on 10.06.2018 by Drucilla
How do you use the dowsing machine in Pokemon. What you will do after you use your dowsing machine in Pokemon Black and White. How do you pick up a hidden item once your dowsing machine finds it. Item finding in Pokemon Diamond.

Lf they start to beep with a circle in the center, you are standing ON the item, so move one space over, and get it.

Aah, it helped all of these people but it isn't working for me D. If you touch the screen, a small radar for the vicinity will go off and check if there are any nearby items. Keep followIng which way it tells u and u will eventually find the item when the pole things face in. Thumbs up if u were standing on it.
Walk around until the arrows change position. How to use my dowsing machine in pearl. Go to ur bag and to to the dowsing machine. The Dowsing Machine does the searching for you.