How do social media sites make their money

Posted on 09.06.2018 by Admin
They pay a hefty amount to use up th. How much money can you make from social media. This is what social media exactly means.
People are making a lot of money as social media influencers for brands. Use hashtags - They might seem a bit uncool now, but hashtags are a great way of connecting with people who are interested in a similar niche. So how are these platforms making their money. Something I have always been curious about is how popular sites such as Facebook, twitter, and Instagram make money. Without these investors, platforms like Twitter would have fallen off solely because of operational costs. In addition to the advertising, social media platforms additionally make their money through investments and venture capitalists.
Thats millions of eyeballs wandering around their website. After all, they have millions of users. So I ask again, how do social networks make money. The short answer is that they dont, not on their own at least at first.