Why medical bills are killing us free article

Posted on 03.06.2019 by Admin
The media has grabbed the story and been outraged at the cost of care, the skyrocketing bills, and the way we as a nation have allowed the system to take over our economy. It is a long enlightening and infuriating article, but if you can stick with it, you will learn a lot. Our clients are aware of the unreasonable charges on the bills they send to us either before or after we perform our reviews. I realize that health care in the UK is handled somewhat differently than in the US but I think many of you might find this article of interest anyway.

And anything questionable should be investigated.

Truth is, we at TFG Partners think this is a fantastic article to start the discussion. We recommend you read the article subscription required and take a look at the coverage below. I got the idea for this article when I was visiting Rice University last year. The hospital lobby would fight the government's attempts at rate setting tooth and nail since it would jeopardize their profits.
Many Americans struggle to pay off debt incurred through medical care. Who profits off your hospital bills. As I was leaving the campus, which is just outside the central business district of Houston, I noticed a group of glass skyscrapers about a mile away lighting up the evening sky. It examines a series of concrete cases and extracts from them many of the causes for these abnormally high prices. It will also give you precious information on the managing of hospital bills in case you ever get really sick or end up not having sufficient coverage.