How to change your crew emblem on gta v

Posted on 08.06.2018 by Chung
So far it looks like you might need a t-shirt for this thing to. How to make gta crew emblem on android or ios. You can change this preference below.

One of the options will be 'set as crew emblem'.

Is there somewhere in that page I'm supposed to click to get there. In the gallery, there is no option not even in mouseover, and when I click on the main crew emblem on the manage crew page, I have that disappearing problem read above. How do I change my crew emblem.
How To Make A Custom Crew Emblem In GTA V Online. How-to Make A BMW Social Club Crew Emblem. You're viewing YouTube in Russian. Find the one you want and mouse over it. Maybe I have to go to Rockstar Social Club from ingame. Updated transparent crew emblem background. How to get a custom crew Emblem on Gta Online Still Works.