How to transport 20 foot lumber

Posted on 13.06.2018 by Eleanor
I don't have a truck but have a minivan Odyssey. The restricting factor is not the interior volume of the sea van or the weight capacity of the sea van, it is the OTR and axle weight limitation restrict.

Infected wood was transported mostly to lower michigan where the infestion spread and has effectively killed all the ash trees in that part of the state.

Any suggestions on how to get these home. The first two beams are connected to the roof structure to support it. However, the sea container has to be transported to a port for loading on ship. Youll find such information here. I stopped and asked about the pile. Any thoughts as to best way to transport it with my SUV. Can you name its main components.
But, I am not sure about the method and haven't found anybody other than my friend who suggested this method. In michigan it is illegal to transport ash for any distance. This is how I got the wood for these nice shelves and this human-powered hydrofoil and many othe projects.