How does the antarctic ozone hole form

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How long does the ozone hole typically last. Generally, the ozone levels become depleted during the winter. These clouds contain pollutants which. Unfortunately, there then follows a particularly long period of high sunshine and long days, just to make the effect of the ozone hole worse with all that uv light around.
How acute and important it will be in the future is not known. Unfortunately, DNA readily absorbs high-energy UV-B radiation and becomes damaged so that the instructions cannot be read properly. I also I have a song water saving. There is an ozone hole that forms over the northern pole, basically six months offset from the southern polar hole. Why ozone whole is formed in antarctica but not other place. This is because of the wind systems around the south pole that cause clouds to form in the stratosphere, which is where ozone is concentrated. This is the set of instructions which describes the structure and biochemistry of an organism.