How to set animal trap

Posted on 09.06.2018 by Arlie
When in doubt, use a spoonful of peanut butter, as most animals seem to be attracted to it. Close-up view of key trigger points that hold the door in the open position until dislodged by an animal, at which time they collapse, dropping the door and trapping the animal inside. Set the trap in the ready position by raising the cage's trap door. The bait is positioned differently for each.
If you are baiting for raccoon, use peanut butter or fish guts. Theres no such thing as a universal bait. The target pest might be shy, or active only at dawn, dusk or overnight.
This is normal, as sometimes animals can retrieve bait without setting off the trap. Pheasants and quail like wheat or crushed dried corn. Choose the appropriate bait to lure the pesky animal inside the cage. Hook the catch and raise the floor panel trigger until the door is latched open. Add more bait as necessary, but leave the trap alone. Live Trap Setup of Medium Sized Traps.